Corangamite Soil Health Strategy     2006-2012

Corangamite Soil Health Strategy Report

Each section of the CSHS report is available below in PDF format for download. To request a copy of the Corangamite Soil Health Strategy on CD, please contact us.

Entire Report  [Download]  (6.5 MB)


Front Matter and Executive Summary  [Download]  (822 KB)

Table of Contents  [Download]  (88 KB)

1.   Introduction  [Download]  (733 KB)

2.   Assets and threats to Assets in the Corangamite Region  [Download]  (896 KB)

3.   Developing investment priorities for the Corangamite Soil Health Strategy  [Download]  (607 KB)

4.   Community Engagement  [Download]  (191 KB)

5.   Investing in soil health  [Download]  (103 KB)

6.   Aspirations for soil health, resource condition and management action targets  [Download]  (261 KB)

7.   Regional research and development and ongoing monitoring activities  [Download]  (277 KB)

8.   Implementation structure, mechanisms and principles  [Download]  (349 KB)

References  [Download]  (73 KB)


APPENDIX A: Threats to be addressed by the Strategy  [Download]  (405 KB)

APPENDIX B: Processes, examples and results for prioritisng investment  [Download]  (149 KB)

APPENDIX C: Land use, assets, threats and relative risk values for landscape zones  [Download]  (1.4 MB)

APPENDIX D: Processes and results for validating investment priorities  [Download]  (325 KB)

APPENDIX E: Community engagement processes and results  [Download]  (698 KB)

APPENDIX F: Common management actions used to address soil-based threats  [Download]  (96 KB)

APPENDIX G: An example data sheet for monitoring the progress of targets  [Download]  (60 KB)

APPENDIX H: Assumptions used for the Soil Health Strategy  [Download]  (78 KB)

APPENDIX I: Background reports for the Soil Health Strategy  [Download]  (45 KB)

APPENDIX J: Stakeholders involved with the development of the Soil Health Strategy  [Download]  (66 KB)


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