Anglesea River

Anglesea River has a unique catchment geology and sediment layer which produces acidic catchment flow. This was evident during September 2010, when abnormally high levels of acidic water resulted in fish deaths in the river. Furthermore, low pH (acidity) in Anglesea River can disrupt both the ecological balance within the system and the recreational activities upon the waterway.


Corangamite CMA has worked in partnership with multiple agencies to develop and eight-year estuary management plan. This group will work together to implement the actions identified in the plan. Link

Anglesea River Estuary Management Plan fact sheets

European settlement

Estuary bathymetry - representing terrain and calculating volumes

Fish of the Anglesea River estuary

Vegetation field guide for the Anglesea River estuary 

Water Quality Review

An independent review by Professor William Maher October 2011

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