Soils in the Corangamite region


In their natural, undisturbed state soils tend to be healthy, they support local life in various forms that have adapted to and influenced the characteristics of the local soil.

In the Corangamite region activities such as agriculture, forestry or urban development can lead to soil disturbance which can result in unintended degradation of soil health.

The Corangamite Soil Health Strategy aims to guide investment in a range of actions that will protect and enhance assets in the Corangamite region from a number of soil-based threats or threatening processes.

The strategy identifies specific assets that should be protected or enhanced, the various threats, the asset managers and other stakeholders who have been involved in its development and will potentially be involved in its implementation.

 Soil Health Strategy

 Strategy overview (6 pages)

Corangamite Region Brown Book 

The Corangamite Region Brown Book is an online sustainable agricultural information resource. It is designed to address the needs of farmers for simple solutions to relevant problems and questions in the effective management of soils to enhance productivity












Field guides are available for acid sulfate soils, landslides, salinity and erosion. They are designed to assist landholders to identify soil-related hazards and manage correctly.

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A Corangamite Inland Acid Sulphate Soils steering Committee was formed in 2009 to improve understanding of inland acid sulphate soils within the Corangamite region and develop a risk-based management response to the issue.

Click on the attached document for more information about acid sulphate soils in the region.

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