Corangamites - Action in the Catchment

The Coranga-mites Action in the Catchment education program provides a comprehensive freshwater education unit from March to October.

Students participate in water quality monitoring and various water or environmental themed activities, including habitat surveys, water bug surveys and water quality surveys.

While it is designed for students at levels three to five of AusVELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) the program can be adapted for use by any school or group for students of all abilities. It links to science, civics and citizenship, mathematics, information communication and technology and humanities (geography) subject areas.

Waterwatch’s education program has also been written into the Resource Smart Schools AuSSI VIC program – which takes on a whole school approach towards education for sustainability

Benefits of this program include providing hands on learning experiences, and the opportunity to experience many of the problems and solutions associated with waterway management.

Students conduct regular water quality testing, interpret their test results and take actions to improve their local environment, which can include tree planting, litter collection and other creative environmental actions. This program connects school learning to the local community and environment.

Resources for Schools

This manual has all the information you need about the Corangamite Waterwatch school monitoring program.






Additional Resources

In addition to the free community based monitoring program and schools education program, Corangamite Waterwatch developed and promotes:

• Two self-guided stormwater trails for schools and community that illustrate the impacts of stormwater on rivers and streams at Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong and Barongarook Creek in Colac.

• A stormwater education manual


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Corangamite Waterway Strategy

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