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Connected Landscapes Project - Expressions of Interest

The Bunanyung Landscape Alliance is an alliance of community members, landcare and friends’ groups, networks and associations involved in promoting the health of biodiversity for the catchments of the Moorabool, Leigh and Woady Yaloak rivers. 

The Bunanyung Landscape Alliance is releasing its inaugural call for sites for Corangamite CMA’s Connected Landscapes project. Preference will be given to sites that protect and enhance remnant vegetation and/or establish strategic wildlife corridors.

Community Groups and individuals within the Connected Landscapes area (refer map below) are invited to register projects that are consistent with the aims of the Alliance by March 7th, 2019.

Funding for activities may include:
• remnant vegetation protection (i.e. fencing)
• remnant vegetation enhancement (i.e. woody weed control and pest animal control)
• revegetation including buffering remnants and scattered trees, establishing wildlife corridors and revegetating waterways


Expressions of Interest close Thursday 7th March 2019.

To register an expression of interest, please call Jess Lill on 0477 719 149 or email Jess.Lill@ccma.vic.gov.au


Photo: John Baker

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